Title: Gideon Scheepers & the search for his grave

Authors: Taffy and David Shearing.

ISBN no: 0-6202-4534-1.

Publication: Published by the authors on 21 September 1999.

Format: Soft cover, 240 x 170 mm (Portrait), 240 pages, 9 maps and 72 photographs/illustrations, and the war record of 351 of his men. The book is fully referenced.

Retail price: R250.00 plus R30.00 postage and packing in South Africa. Prices for other countries or for the trade on application. Place an order here.


Young Gideon Jacobus Scheepers joined the Staatsartillerie in the Transvaal Republic and was soon a first-rate telegraphist, heliographer and later in the SA War a scout that the Boer leader, General Christiaan de Wet, prized. His ability to bring in early and exact intelligence to his general contributed considerably to De Wet’s successes and added to his fame. It was in the Cape Colony in 1901 as a guerrilla commandant that his flame flickered, dimmed and went out.

In the Gideon Scheepers’ story, his mother, Sophie, is the most astonishing. She had no looks, no money and little education, but she was a fighter without peer. She fought for her son and changed his name from that of a brigand to that of a martyr, and moved him out of his empty grave and into the hall of fame.



May I immediately say that you write extremely well! The book flows well, and the detail is there without submerging the broader sweep. It is delightfully interesting, and I am very glad to have it.
           Prof Roy Lourens, Australia.

Ek dink u het reg laat geskied aan 'n baie boeiende en omstrede episode uit die Anglo-Boereoorlog. Mag daar nog veel publikasies van hierdie gehalte uit Sedgefield voortkom.
           Prof OJO Ferreira, Jeffreys Bay

… and bought your Scheepers book. I am already well into it with fascination. Congratulations to both of you on such a stout effort. It must be the only one of its kind in the world! The historical background makes the Scheepers story all make better sense …
           Jon van den Heever 

Congratulations on a work that is both scholarly and very readable.
           Bart Logie

May I say, metaphorically, hats off to chefs Taffy & David for what appears to be a scrumptious feast that I can hardly wait to get stuck into - my mind salivates!
           Bill Wilson, Canada


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