Title: Commandant Johannes Lötter & his rebels

Authors: Taffy and David Shearing

ISBN no: 0-6202-2781-8

Publication: Published by the authors on 10 June 1998.

Format: B5 publication of 72 pages. Text with 36 black and white pictures and two maps. Contains the Boer War record of 154 members of Lötter's Commando.

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The Cape Rebel Commandant, Johannes Cornelius Lötter, raised a commando of Midland farmers in the Cape at the beginning of 1901. Lötter became a thorn in the side of the British and it took a considerable amount of organisation on the part of Gen Sir John French before he was run to earth. Pursued by Lieut-Col Harry Scobell, with Lieut-Col Timson Lukin as his 2IC, and 400 men of the 9th Lancers and the Cape Mounted Riflemen, they hunted down the commando. Eventually the exhausted men were captured sheltering from the weather in a shed on the farm Paardefontein, north of Pearston.

In the fight that followed 13 members of Lötter’s commando were killed, one died of wounds and 118 were captured, including five grooms who were later released. Five men, including Cmdt Lötter, were sentenced to death and executed. One hundred and three men, who had been sentenced to death, had their sentences commuted to penal servitude for life. They served their sentences mainly on the island of Bermuda and only returned to the Cape Colony in 1903. Two Free Staters and a Transvaler were sent to POW camps as legitimate belligerents. Only Daantjie Jonker, a coloured groom, escaped from Paardefontein by hiding in an aardvark hole for three days.


I think this is an excellent piece of research, well presented and very readable. Congratulations!
           Paul Dunn, United Kingdom

My congratulations on a fine work …
           Bertil Haggman, Author and Member of the Swedish Writers' Union.

Your book will always be treasured since it holds the key to many childhood memories of `oorlog-stories’ our beloved `Oupa’ (WS Kruger, POW 24867) told us under the old apple tree on the farm. It was a strange and poignant experience indeed, finding many half-remembered names and images on the pages of your book. It was also a delight!
           Mrs W Nepgen, 2003


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